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If it ainít broke, donít fix it!

A rather naive philosophy I personally can't subsribe to! Should we stop using electricity and go back to candles? Should we abandon cars in favour of walking or a horse and buggy? Should we scrap mobile phones and go back to landlines? Would anyone consider sailing the oceans in favour of flying? Would anyone abandon Books, Newpapers, TV, Computers or the Internet in favour of the Town Crier? Who would abandon e-mail for snail mail? Would anyone consider going back to the mediocre website, with tiny, hard to read fonts and intrusive background, that was so short on information and virtually impossible to navigate? Only the foolhardy would answer in the affirmative on any of the progressive ideas above. As difficult as it can be, progress involves change! I have worked hard to ensure that the website remains valuable and vibrant, while incorporating the many positive changes. The updated website design should serve us well for some time to come, provided the information remains current.

This Webpage is a new format for displaying our website. It has a lot of advantages over the previous formats tested. The buttons on the left worked well but were a little hard to maintain. A labour intensive format was abandoned for the Frames format which allowed a single file to contain the navigation buttons but the usable workspace for data was restricted beyond what I considered reasonable. Some changes to website design were revolutionary, while much of the content has been evolutionary. Reality is, there is nothing fancy, clever or earthshaking here, just meticulous attention to accuracy and content timeliness. Considerable attention has been paid to human interest, individual recognition and providing a historical perspective so lacking from the past of our Club's history.

NOTE: Some of the previous web page formats are still out in cyberspace but have fallen out of date. Due to search engine consideration in most cases users are redirected to the currently maintained web pages when accessed.

LionNet   has been providing Lions Clubs throughout the world FREE templates and Free web hosting trough LionWap, for many years. Over 7100 clubs have taken advantage of this valuable service, with over 70 million visitors. The pages provided allow a presence in cyberspace without knowledge of web design (some knowledge is a benefit). Simply fill in a few pertinent club details and your Club has global exposure. This great service is wonderful for the simple needs of most clubs.

The Lions e-Clubhouse, three column format, is great for a single page, as the Home page is, currently on this site. The three column format in my opinion wastes too much usable space on repeating the same information, page after page. The format implemented here, suitable for a busy website, with a dropdown menu saves precious space for much needed new content, keeping file sizes smaller over all, thus faster user access. Prior to the dropdown menu there are pages currently using a navigation menu on the bottom of some pages. Because the format seemed a little cumbersome it was never fully implemented site wide. I may migrate the entire site to the new dropdown menu format, given the time, but reality is the site is usable as is. Use of larger than the usual website fonts is to cater to a mature mebership.

Since this site was developed as a personal website, used for learning and teaching, there are various pages of different formats. Striving for excellence in community service and providing an environment for not only expression but educating, there are some variables to displaying content. The site was for a number of years the official website of the Port Dover Lions Club by default. There is a lack of willingness today to seek and provide quality in the ageing membership. It took five long years of struggle to get any web exposure. Initial efforts were rudimentary (virtually impossible to navigate) and lacked substance, timeliness and direction. This site took many, many hours to reserach and create but takes only a few hours a week to keep current. Admittedly the site is more comprehensive than most clubs require. It is truly a pleasure to maintain the site. All the time spent learning new ways to improve the way the world sees our community and our club is most worthwhile. It is very satisfying to get all the positive feedback and recognition from valued and trusted sources. The site's content is almost entirely gathered or created by the WebMaster. Many thanks to Lion John Blakemore for his significant work in providing the images for the past presidents of the club.
This site was abandoned by the incoming president for reasons unexplained, but is maintained on a best effort basis for personal use.

The current official site (some content copied from this site without permission) lacks content and universal appeal with a handful of visitors monthly, while this site seems to attract thousands of hits from around the world each month (over a thousand global visitors some days). Hopefully the historical value of the content here, will once again be valued and appreciated by an open minded enthusiastic and informed executive.


Enjoy Visiting the Site


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