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Effective January 1, 1996, the Lions Clubs International Board of Directors approved the Lioness Conversion Program granting former Lionesses their past Lioness years of Service when they become Lions.

There are many good reasons for the continued existence of Lioness Clubs. Lioness often feel they have a perspective unique to women and their projects and interests often reflect their feminine perspective. Some communities as in Port Dover have both Lions and Lioness Clubs to serve the needs of the community. In some communities the dwindling numbers encouraged the Lions and Lioness to merge into a single Lions Club. There are in fact communities where we have Lady Lions as well as flourishing Lioness Clubs serving the needs of their communities.

The Port Dover Lioness, sponsored by the Port Dover Lions Club, received their Charter in 2000 and have flourished both in membership and hugely successful community projects. If you feel you would like to contribute to your community, the choices are many, but Lions and Lioness are a great group of volunteers to consider joining. For further information you may contact:
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Port Dover Lioness

Come and serve your community by becoming a Lioness. Our Lioness not only have a lot of fun, we do a great deal of good, not only in the local community but our good deeds spread world wide.


Lioness Club Information Lioness   Port Dover has a very active Lioness Club Since 2000


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