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Visit our Silver Lake Market 320 St. Patrick St. Saturdays 8 A.M. till 1 - Great Breakfast - Great Prices - Good Company - Free Tea or Coffee to All Our Customers

Proudly Serving Our Community Since 1938

Where is Port Dover

Friday 13thCamping

Weather Permitting

Camping permitted ONLY for Friday 13th Events

Lions Silver Lake Park

320 St. Patrick Street

Silver Lake

Silver Lake Park is a short five minute walk to
Main Street, downtown Port Dover.

No advance reservations, first come first served.

  • Gates open 12:00 noon, Thursday the 12th.
  • Camp grounds to be cleared by 12:00 noon on Saturday the 14th.
  • Price: $15.00 per person per night.
  • Hard walled campers and trailers $20.00 plus $15.00 per person per night.
  • Clean washrooms will be set up for the camp ground.
  • 24 hour security will be provided.
  • No camp fires allowed.
  • Breakfast available both Friday and Saturday from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. at the Silver Lake Pavilion.
  • A Beef or Chicken BBQ will be served by the Lions club from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Silver Lake Pavilion on Friday.
  • Visit our Silver Lake Market Saturday 8:00-1:00
Silver Lake Sunset


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Friday 13th Road Closures Camping
Friday 13th Road Closures & Camping

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Located at Port Dover Maple Leaf Main Street Port Dover

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Friday 13th in Port Dover

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Port Dover is Located on Highway 6 South,
on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie.

About 140 Km. from Toronto, 140 Km. from Niagara Falls,
70 Km. from Hamilton, 280 Km. from Detroit

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A Motorcycle Enthusiasts Extravaganza

What can we say about Friday the 13th that has not been already said? Back in 1981 when Chris Simons had a few friends drop over for the weekend in November, they had such a great time they decided to return. It just so happened that the weekend was Friday 13th, and so the decision was made to return every Friday 13th but each successive event had more and more participants and thus a hugely successful event was born. Today our community is visited by thousand of motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages, as well as many curiosity seekers.

This community of about 5000 (2007 article in a Buffalo paper) has seen crowds of a 100,000 and more, some Friday 13ths. It's no secret that such huge crowds need to nourish themselves and require accommodations, with many coming thousands of miles to rub shoulders with other enthusiasts. Many come Thursday evening and camp in back yards, Kinsmen Park or our own Silver Lake Park (map above) and Misner Park, both of which cater to the quiet family groups. Many tourist spend a lot of money in not only Port Dover but for many miles around. We are pleased to welcome our visitors who have never caused any problems but have certainly helped our service clubs and many other organizations, catering to the needs of the huge crowds. In addition to the camping, we as other groups, provide beer tents to quench the thirst of our guests, with bands supplying entertainment. Friday 13th visitors come in all age groups
The Lions have had great bands, the best in town, some with a huge following such as Dejavoodoo Band, along with some local bands like SummerField, some with a huge sound but no website.
Our Sound Man Capital M Productions, Jack and Morgan have been providing excellent professional support to all bands for may years. Needless to say the hard work on Friday the 13th has helped our coffers, all in the cause of community service.

Such a huge event requires planning. In order to maximize the safety of our residents and visitors and minimise the inconvenience of such a huge extravaganza, PD13 was formed. PD13 did a great job as do all the participating groups. Generally by noon Saturday the entire town is cleaned up and only a few stragglers remain, showing little sign of the huge crowds of the preceding day. The group of community volunteers that formed PD13 was disbanded in 2010, with the Friday 13ths beig organised by Norfolk County for future events. A huge thanks to the dedicated group, who did a great job for all those many years.

Please drink responsibly.

Blood Alcohol Guidelines


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320 St. Patrick Street
Box 1328 Port Dover ON N0A 1N0

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