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Multiple District "A" - District "A-2" - Region 4 East - Ontario - Canada

Visit our Silver Lake Market 320 St. Patrick St. Saturdays 8 A.M. till 1 - Great Breakfast - Great Prices - Good Company - Free Tea or Coffee to All Our Customers

Proudly Serving Our Community Since 1938

Where is Port Dover

Our 2016-2017 Executive

John Hall

Don Tomlinson

Immediate Past President



Vice Presidents

Joe Greene
First Vice President
Jack Hodgson
Second Vice President

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Our Mission Statement

The Port Dover Lions Club is a volunteer organization of service minded individuals, who act in accordance with the Lions Code of Ethics to further the Purposes of Lions International. The Port Dover Lions Club initiates and encourages projects that enhance the quality of life in the community and provides assistance to those organizations, groups and individuals who are in need.

Club Constitution

The Lions Motto is:

The Lions Motto is "We Serve"

The Meaning of "LIONS" Letters


Our Elected Executives


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A Lion A Lion

Visiting Port Dover?

If you are a Lion visiting Port Dover from anywhere in the world, please join us for a delicious dinner. Take a minute or two to tell our club about your own club and your home town.

You can just drop in, or you can contact us first, to let us know you are coming.

We look forward to extending a friendly Lions welcome to you!

We Give    We Share    We Inspire    We Serve   

2016-17 International President Bob Corlew's Theme:

New Mountains to Climb

2016-17 International Presidents Logo
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2016-17 International President Bob Colew
2016-17 President's Theme Logo This year, International President Chancellor Bob Corlew encourages Lions to climb new mountains and achieve our Centennial goals. Reach the summit of service by joining Lions in the Centennial Service Challenge to help 100+ million people; build your club by inviting for impact; connect with communities through Centennial Legacy Projects and promoting your activities; and lead Lions over the next mountain.


Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada 2015-16 International President  - Click for larger image
2015-16 International President's Logo - Click for larger image
International President
Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada's Theme

Dignity . Harmony . Humanity.

“Bring Hope and Dignity through Service”

Joseph Preston 2014-15 International President  - Click for larger image
2014-15 International President's Logo - Click for larger image
International President Joseph Preston's Theme

Strenghten the Pride

“A “pride” is a close-knit family of lions, as can be found in the savannahs of central Africa. Each member of the pride has responsibilities. Whether they are the hunters, protectors, caregivers, teachers, or learners, they work as a team, for survival and prosperity. If even one member of the pride does not fulfill its role, it can affect the entire group.”

2012-13 International president's logo International President Wayne A. Madden

2013-2014 International President

Barry J. Palmer's Theme

Follow Your Dream

“A dream embraces our most cherished longings. It embodies our very identity. We often won't feel fulfilled as human beings until we relize our dreams.”

Dedication  Responsibility  Education  Attitude  Motivation

2012-13 International president's logo International President Wayne A. Madden

2012-2013 International President
Wayne A. Madden's Theme

In A World of Service

In a world of need, there is someone to help. In a world of suffering, there is someone who cares. In a world of destruction, there is someone to provide relief. In a world of illiteracy, there is someone to teach. And in a world of service, there is one name that stands out among others - Lions Clubs International. That's what we do. That's what we have always done. It is our motto, and the reason we exist.

I Believe

Our 2011-2012 international president's theme, I Believe, expresses the thought that the Lions of the world have created a culture organized around a belief in the value of giving back - and a belief that one person truly can make a difference.


I planted A TREE

2011-2012 International President Wing-Kun Tam is challenging Lions around the world to plant one million trees this year.

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320 St. Patrick Street
Box 1328 Port Dover ON N0A 1N0

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